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3 Musketeers Atomizer

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The three Musketeers contains a smart microchip (just like you find in most of the cool high tech ecigs) in it, it can switch (well you have to help it, it is not that smart) to 3 different flavors by using the adjustable flavor button with LED display. (lets face it, the display is a button with a little light in it, nothing super cool like it sounds)

- One atomizer can hold and vape 3 different flavors. (no more needing to carry 3 tanks around with you)
- Three LED colors for three different flavors. The LED colors are : Red, blue,green. (the tanks are marked R, B and G, Note: This might be hard if you are color blind.)

How to Operate: (Hold on this stuff is not rocket science so I am only going to type this once!)

Each Three Musketeers atomizer includes 3pcs clearomizer inside (well three different chambers and 3 different coils all in one body). There are 3 marks on the body, B, R, G. B means blue, R is red, G is green. (Told you this is not rocket science)

There is also one button on the clearomizer (One more than most any other clearomizer has, Winning!). You can choose different flavors by pressing it (Note: you have to be hitting the fire button on your battery at the same time). When the button is in blue color, you are using clearomizer B; when the button is in red color, you are using the R clearomizer. (Hold on this is where things get crazy!) When the button is in green color, you are using clearomizer G. (BOOOM! Blew your mind right?) This is the high spot of three musketeers !!

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