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Aspire Atlantis Coils Singles And 5 Packs

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Coils are sold in singles. If you want a 5 pack then simply add 5 to your cart :)

Ahhh the Aspire Atlantis Coils. So many things I could say about them. How beautifully they glisten in the light, the way they hold the door open for you everywhere you go. But it would mostly be a lie. I have never had an Atlantis Coil hold the door for me. I know it is hard to believe but true :(

However the Atlantis coils are good at one thing. Making some decent clouds. So if your Atlantis coil is super nastyfied and needs to be replaced then you better pick up at least one if not a 5 pack of these bad boys. They will get you back to making your bedroom or office look like you are at the club!

Changing Instructions:

Unscrew the metal bottom cap from the tank (the base)
Take off your drip tip and set the tank down so it will not spill
Unscrew the old dirty nasty head from the Nautilus base
Screw the fresh new coil head onto the base
Fill tank with e-liquid, put a 3 drops right in the new coil and reassemble your Nautilus
For best results wait a couple of minutes for the E-Liquid to feed to the coil before vaping. Unless you followed my instructions and put a few drops in the coil, in that case you should be good to go.

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