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Ego-C 900mah Twist Battery

  • 1999

Ego-C Twist Variable Voltage 900mAh Battery
"It's small, it lasts most of the day and best of all it has a little spinny thing to play with! It also makes a great first variable voltage battery"

The Ego-C Twist VV battery alows you to choose your voltage! To put it simply it provides a much more custom vaping experience, since you can control how much power your tank is getting. Higher voltage = More vapor (but watch out for burnt hits!) Lower Voltage = less vapor and a longer lasting battery. Play around and find what power you like the best!

The eGo-C Twist 900mah Battery has a dial located right down at the bottom or base of the battery. A simple spin of the dial allows you to set the voltage output of the battery from 3.2V - 4.8V. So go ahead and grab an Ego Twist and take it for a spin. You won't regret it!

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