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Kanger Protank II

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The Kanger Protank II or Protank 2 is the ultimate bottom feeding tankomizer! It is glue free and you can completely disassemble it for easy cleaning.

The Kanger Protank II has all of the same awesome features as the original Kanger Protank Clearomizer and then some! The Protank 2 has a Pyrex tank so even the harshest eliquids will not shatter it. It is 510 threaded and works on most any 510 Mod without the use of an adapter.

Things they updated on Kanger Protank II:
  • It has a much stronger base
  • The Pyrex tank can be replaced
  • Glue Free: Every part is replaceable
  • Compatible with most 510 drip tips
The Kanger Protank II Features:
  • Replaceable Atomizer Heads (Uses the same heads as the original Protank and EVOD)
  • Bottom feeder (the coil is on the bottom)
  • Pyrex glass tank that will not crack from harsh liquids
  • 2.5ml capacity
  • Unlike some of the other Kanger Tanks, the Protank II utilizes a 510 threading and it works on any 510 thread Mod without the need for an annoying adapter


  • The inner metal tube is what the vapor comes out of and keep liquid from getting in your mouth. Make sure to not get any liquid in there when filling the tank.
  • When you unscrew the base to refill the Protank II, the seals we be temporarily broken and eliquid can leak from the mouthpiece or even get into the center tube. To prevent messes simply wrap a paper towel or tissue around the mouthpiece portion of the tank when you are unscrewing the base off of the Protank 2.
  • Gurgling noises or eliquid leaks: This is a sign that there is condensation or eliquid has gotten into the center tube. To get rid of the moisture or eliquid in there simply use a tissue. Simply twist one end up and feed it down the tube to remove any liquid. If this persists make sure the rubber grommet is still on your atomizer head. 
  • The coil on the Protank 2 can come loose when unscrewing the base off of the tank. After each refill make sure that the coil head is tight before putting the base back on the Protank 2.
  • It is fairly common to find a tiny amount of eliquid in the battery connection when removing most any tank or clearomizer. We strongly recommend cleaning it out with a piece of paper towel, tissue, or qtip before charging it.
  • Atomizer heads will last you around 10 - 14 days. When it seems that you are not getting as much vapor or it is starting to leak, simply replace the head with a new one.
The Kanger Protank 2 Comes With
1x Kanger Protank 2 Unit
1x Plastic Drip Tip
2x Replacement atomizer heads

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