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Tesla Invader II Dual Parallel 18650

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The Tesla Invader II is a dual parallel 18650 half mech box mod. It is light as all get out, no really you might throw it across the room, you expect it to be much heavier for the size. The Tesla Invader II takes 2 18650 batteries (make sure to use high amp) and can run as low as 0.1 ohm which is pretty much as low as you can build on todays batteries.

Ok hold your hand there, now wrap it around the Tesla Invader II. Yeah this puppy is comforatible in your hand. The button is nice and smooth and get fired with our thumb. Not to mention this bad boy is safe! We are not talking always carries a condom in it't wallet safe, no we are talking tripple mosfet safe! The Tesla Invader II is all around an awesome half mech mod!

1. Wooden Half-Mechanical Mod, unique style, finger grooves for a comfortable grip.
2. Copper plated copper pin, with best conductivity
3. Floating/Adjustable top pin
4. Uses 2 18650 battery at the same time, vape all day long on a single charge, go ahead you would do it anyway!
5. A beautiful looking wood mod.
6. MOSFET internal protection, added 3pcs MOSFET, making the mod with low internal resistance & low loss & recoverable fuse
7. Short circuit protection and recoverable fuse protection on the atomizer and battery ends, one of the safest half-mech mods on the market
8. Lowest resisitance: 0.1ohm
9. Maximum output 40A current
10. Output voltage 3.2v-4.2v
11. Contact pin on battery negative electrode end
12. Great standard gift box packing, with a beautiful pouch / holster inside the gift box

OMG I forgot to mentiont he pouch. This thing is easily worth $20. It holds your mod and a few bottles of liquid or batteries!

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